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Beautiful Chaos

A Girl in an Extra-Ordinary World

Jenny H.
My names Jennifer. Most people call me Jenny. I am a hockey fan- a Toronto Maple Leafs fan at that. I ♥ boybands. Yes, i am a loyal boy band fan. Please, don't hold that against me. I listen to a wide variety of music, all the way from Backstreet Boys to Green Day. Hip Hop/Rap, is one of my least favourite gernes, but i'll listen to it.

I'm known as the good girl, but don't be surprised when i rant on or bash things that annoy me.

thats all really.. My Journal is Friends only so, if you want to be added just comment!


Kalan Porter's clothing
Kalan Porter's performance of "I Can Only Imagine".
claimed here.
David Desrosiers eyes
David Desrosiers eye makeup
David Desrosiers glasses
claimed here.

♥ David Desrosiers is black eyeliner sex ♥

need i say any more?